Ready, Set, Sell: Checklist for Home Sellers

When home buyers are driving your neighborhood looking for Colorado homes for sale in Colorado Springs, or when Colorado Springs Realtors are previewing for their clients– what do they see?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure your home has the The Wow Factor: Seven Quick Curb Appeal Tips that makes people go “wow.” Take a walk around your property right now—front to back.

Pretend you’re a prospective buyer. Do you like what you see?

8 quick tips to help you create a lasting visual impression that will make them want more.

Total Time: 21 days

Start at the Door

You can’t go wrong with a little paint and fresh, new hardware to spruce up your front door. A bright color will draw attention from the street.

If you’re looking at replacing doorknobs or hinges (or both), be sure you not only choose something that matches, but consider adding in some seasonal flair such as an wreath during fall festivities. They will centralize all eyes on how nicely decorated the house truly is.

Under Pressure

By far one of the most effective ways to clean up your property or Colorado Springs home with a pool is by using a pressure washer.

Not only will it get rid of any dirt or grime that’s built up on exterior surfaces but you can also power wash concrete sidewalks and driveways making them lighter in color so they’re less slippery.

Spit and Polish

The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they enter into yours. Make sure it has a professional shine!

Start with house numbers, then move onto light fixtures and mailboxes – anything metal on this side should sparkle beautifully in both daylight or dark conditions.

Check to make sure all bulbs are working properly as well. How’s your mailbox? New owners might appreciate one of the new models with a security lock.

Hide the Kids and Dogs

Keep your home as uncluttered and inviting for potential buyers by hiding any indications of children.

If you have play equipment such as swings or a basketball goal, remove what can be moved so it’s out of sight. Make sure someone in the family is assigned to pick up after Fido and Fluffy too–you wouldn’t want them tracking through dog mess would you?

Plant a Garden

The great thing about adding seasonal color to your home is that it doesn’t have be all palm leaves and pinecones.

Containers make for excellent accents, as do flower pots on the front steps or by doorways where they can catch passing traffic during warm months of sunburned skin!

You might want try shopping at local nurseries in season—you’ll end up with something beautiful without breaking into a sweat.

Light up Your Life

Like the exterior of your home, lighting can make a great first impression. In-ground fixtures will add spotlights to landscape elements or highlight house features while front walkway and drive are well lit with lamps that provide ample light for driving at night without being too bright like solar lights might be on some houses since they don’t produce as much electricity.

Look Out the Window

While you are power washing, give your windows and exterior surfaces a thorough cleaning with an inexpensive vinegar-and water solution.

Use newspapers to wipe down any furniture that won’t be power washed, then give it another coating of cleaner before drying thoroughly in the sun or using fans, if necessary, for ventilation during application process .

This will not only make your house look better; but also help prevent major problems later on by killing off bacteria growths wherever there is standing moisture such as around pipes, under sinks inside cabinets etcetera.

Shutters are a Plus

Shutters can add a cozy feel to your home, so if you don’t already have them installed consider getting some.

Reattaching any loose shuttering and making sure that it is freshly painted in an appropriate color for the exterior of one’s house will do wonders when trying not only to improve curb appeal, but also create more privacy between rooms within each floor level, because they block out natural light rather than let through transparent panes and windows.

As you plan your exterior makeover, keep in mind your neighborhood, competing homes that are on the market, and your budget. And even if you have to spend a few dollars for professional help, the investment will pay off by attracting more buyers more quickly.

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